Many of my designs are handwoven and I am often threading a needle.  If you sew, the following tips may be useful:

First of all, make sure the needle hole is large enough to accommodate the thread. Using sharp scissors, cut the thread at a 45° angle.

When threading a needle, do it over a white background (if I don’t have a white sheet of paper nearby, I do it over my computer mouse). You will be amazed at what a difference it makes!

Many people tend to flatten the end of the thread with their teeth (although the dentist claims that is not a good idea) before threading the needle. Try holding the thread between your thumb and index finger and use your nail to flatten the thread.

When using Fireline or Wildfire, I flatten the thread with my flat-nose pliers; that works very well.


  • Place the thread between the thumb and index of your non-dominant hand so that you only see the tip of the thread (approximately 1/2ml). Then hold the needle with your dominant hand and lower it towards the tip of thread.  Instead of passing the thread through the needle hole, you are lowering the needle onto the thread.


  • The needle hole is most often bigger on one side than the other so, if you are having difficulty, turn the needle around and try threading it through the other side.
  • Many people wet the thread before inserting it in the needle hole. Instead, try wetting the needle hole.


MY FAVOURITE METHOD: I flatten the end of the thread with flat-nose pliers then wet the needle hole.